Corporate Engineering

Are You Ready To Take Your Corporate Engineering Career To The Next Level?

Have you been an engineer for 5­–10 years and find yourself, time and time again, getting overlooked for promotion? Are you tired of the everyday routine? Maybe you’re looking around thinking, This can’t be it—I need to create a larger impact. But despite your desire to advance your career, you might feel stuck and stalled when it comes to actually making a change.

Are you interested in pursuing a managerial and/or technical leadership role, but feel nervous or ill-equipped to fulfill those responsibilities? Or, are you concerned that taking on more responsibilities at your current company will mean getting trapped in office politics and staff coordination, with less time to turn your unique ideas into realities?

Maybe you’re working toward or have achieved your MBA, and you’re in the market for new, exciting opportunities. Or maybe you’ve been in this career for a while and have attempted to take things to the next level, but something doesn’t seem to be working.

As you watch others climb the ranks, you might feel down on yourself, wondering why your talents are being overlooked. Are you concerned that your company doesn’t think you have the right personality for management? Are you struggling to navigate difficult workplace tensions, either with fellow coworkers or with supervisors? Would you like to learn how to navigate these situations more effectively and find the insight you need to take action?

Many Corporate Engineers Crave Career Growth

I believe that technology drives progress. As an engineer, you likely hold a deep desire to participate in that progress. However, when your real-world ideas are not being heard, it can start to seem like the future is rushing ahead without your contribution. If your days are consumed by putting out fires, sitting in meetings, feeling ineffective and simply going through the motions, you’re likely ready for something else.

If you want to catapult your career but feel stuck in your current role, you’re not alone. After a while, the grunt work of an entry level position can weigh heavily on you, signaling that something needs to shift. It’s common for engineers, in particular, to struggle with that next step, for a variety of reasons. As an engineer, you’re a talented technical thinker and problem solver. However, when it comes to communicating ideas clearly or fostering the important professional relationships needed to catapult your career, you may need some guidance.

In an office environment, you have to adhere to a workflow that sometimes diminishes unique ideas. You also have the unpredictable expectations and unchecked egos of management and difficult coworkers to deal with. You might feel these dynamics are suppressing your true potential. In a corporate world, the people up top make all the decisions, while the people below work out the kinks, and you’re sick of being the little guy. You want to climb the ranks, tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and make a real impact.

With the guidance of a career coach, who has corporate engineering experiencing, it’s possible to identify goals, navigate power dynamics and walk away with specific tools for real-world problems.

Coaching Can Help You Attain Career Growth And Success

Online coaching can provide you with the guidance, support and practical skills needed to attain success, both in office leadership roles and your overall life. With a knowledgeable, practical guide and mentor—who has been there and done that in terms of climbing the corporate engineering ladder—you can identify and begin to implement career goals.

Together, we can tackle a variety of concerns, beliefs and frustrations that are keeping you from fulfilling your full potential. As we unpack what isn’t working, we’ll also discover and develop individual solutions. You can implement practical skills and focus on what you need to move forward. For example, we may discuss leading by example, inspiring team members, holding yourself and others accountable, communicating effectively and overcoming limiting beliefs. As needed, I can also help you find ways to discuss grand ideas in ways that click with a non-tech listener. The better you’re able to communicate your position, the easier accomplishing your agenda will be.

Between sessions, you’ll be expected to apply coaching skills in your day-to-day life. By taking responsibility in achieving your objectives, it’s possible to make changes that propel you and your career forward. It requires dedication, hard work and showing up in new ways, but the results can be transformative and rewarding.

I hold two master’s degrees in this work—one in transpersonal counseling and the other in engineering and technology management. With me, you can rest assured you’re getting practical guidance from someone who has walked the walk. During confidential online coaching sessions, you can learn more about yourself and the nature of others, which allows you to operate more smoothly and efficiently in the workplace.

You might feel stuck right now, but with a little education and accountability, you can achieve what you want. You can move into leadership, broaden the influence you have on your company and feel confident that you’re getting things done.

You may still have questions or concerns about online coaching for career growth…

I continue to be overlooked for promotion, and I doubt things can change.

There are many nuances that accompany engineering success, and it’s possible you’ve never had a mentor show you the ropes. I can teach you how to successfully navigate corporate culture.

There’s a black and white way of thinking when it comes to technical problem solving. As an engineer, you’re very good and finding clear, objective solutions, but might struggle with interpersonal issues that rest in the gray. Seeking out guidance is a sign that you’re a good problem solver. You deserve expert advice and support. You deserve to succeed.

I can figure this out on my own. I don’t need online coaching.

It’s okay to ask for help. Coaching isn’t about coddling; it’s about challenging obstacles. By clarifying issues and goals and being accountable for your promise to execute them, it’s possible to move forward and experience greater fulfillment in your career and life.

The mentality that you can do it all on your own is silly. Honestly, it may be what’s keeping you stuck. The truth is your life is intertwined with other people. At times, we could all benefit from stepping back, recognizing these dynamics and learning how to navigate them more effectively.

I’m not satisfied in my current role, but I worry about taking the next step. Will I be a good manager?

How long are you willing to be dissatisfied? The longer you let the problem fester, the more dissatisfied you will be. Reaching out for help now can help you achieve your goals sooner.