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Are You Feeling Dissatisfied After Launching Your Engineering Career?

“Does an education in checkers prepare one for a lifetime of chess?”  – Dr. R.E.D. “Gene” Woolsey

Did you become an engineer to make an impact on the world, only to find your first position less than satisfying? You may have worked hard through college to earn excellent grades, but now it seems that all that effort has not translated into meaningful work.

Your entire life has been structured around getting to this point, but you’re not feeling challenged or successful. Instead, you’re struggling with difficult questions and asking yourself if you’ve made a mistake.

Maybe you feel like you’re just going through the motions. On one end of the spectrum, you may be overwhelmed with the grind of routine, mundane tasks. On the other, you may be burning through your workload and gluing your eyes to the clock, waiting for the day to end.

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Regardless, your assignments may not match your skill level, leaving you feeling directionless, as if you’re simply fulfilling other people’s ideas or a corporate agenda. At this point, you know something needs to give, but you feel uncertain about what, how and when to make a change.

It’s Common For New Engineers To Feel Underutilized

Many young engineers are attracted to the high salaries and exciting, cutting edge, real-world stakes of engineering. However, now that you’ve entered the field, you may realize that a high paying salary doesn’t necessarily translate to meaningful work. In fact, as you devote hours to someone else’s goals, you might feel your passion slowly being erased.

It’s very common for recent engineering grads to slog through grunt work during the early stages of their careers. This tough reality can be disheartening, especially when your friends and family believe you’ve won the lottery with your fancy job. It might be hard to explain why you don’t really want to be working for someone else and putting your own ideas on the back burner. But deep down, you know your desire to make a real impact is not being met.

As an engineer, you are hardwired to solve problems. And, you’re really good at it. That’s why you excelled in school, completed a technical degree and launched your career. However, building a successful, satisfying career takes more than book smarts and a degree. In school you’re given tasks and deadlines that rendered measurable success. Teachers offer support, feedback and praise, even if only in the form of a good grade.

Office life isn’t like that. It’s not just about solving problems and acing an assignment; it’s about navigating power dynamics and fostering professional relationships, sometimes with difficult people. You may not be automatically recognized for your work. Instead, you have to ask for recognition and opportunity by strategically advocating for yourself. These are not skills you were ever taught in school.

This is where I can help. I can give you the tools you need to communicate effectively, become a valuable team member, define your goals for the future and implement real-time changes in your career. I can help you lay the solid career foundation you need to thrive now and in the future.

Career Coaching Services Can Help You Clarify And Achieve Goals

Online coaching can teach you the valuable lessons schools too often neglect. To earn your degree, you never had to complete a course on how to manage office politics. While some are naturally gifted with charismatic charm, others have to learn it. Coaching is fastest way to learn these skills. Not only that, but it provides you with real time support and specific solutions to your unique roadblocks.

Engineering career advice is all about defining and implementing goals. That’s the first step toward getting things done and being recognized for your accomplishments. Together, we can explore the frustration of having great ideas but lacking ways to successfully implement them. When you’re able to effectively communicate your position, in a way non-tech people can understand, you’re also more productive.

Then, an amazing shift can occur. You start to feel good about yourself and the trajectory of your career. You can start to feel like you’re not just another cog in the machine. Instead, you’re laying the groundwork to bring your unique vision to the world.

As an engineering career coach with master’s degrees in Engineering and Technology Management and Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, I am well versed in both the corporate engineering landscape and the human psyche. I also have over 15 years of corporate engineering experience, so I know what it takes to do this work. With my guidance, it’s possible to take stock of your strengths, pinpoint your goals and begin working swiftly toward them.

By identifying and utilizing the resources and skills already available to you, you can build a solid foundation for your entire career. If you want more meaningful assignments, you need to ask for them. It’s not easy, but I can help. With effective communication skills, you can experience more joy in your career and life.

You may still have questions or concerns about working with an engineering career coach…

I’m bored and dissatisfied right now, but I think that’ll work itself out in time.

As an engineer, you are likely confident in your ability to solve problems. However, there are times when even the best thinkers get stuck and need to ask for help. Seeking out engineering career advice from a mentor who understands the field can be a game changer. With the right mentor, you can feel more satisfied with your career, where it’s going and where you’re headed in your overall life.

If this is what office life is like, then I doubt this is the right career for me.

If things didn’t pan out the way you had anticipated, you might wonder whether you’ve made a mistake. However, something drew you to this work. Nobody slugs through engineering school unless there’s an underlying passion for technical work and problem solving.

If your engineering skills are underutilized, you might feel really discouraged, maybe even close to giving up. You might be frustrated by all the politics getting in the way of your work. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your goals to find professional success. It’s possible to gain the valuable insights needed to better navigate your situation and propel yourself forward.

This career was supposed to make me happy. Now I feel like a failure.

You’re not a failure. Something just needs to shift.

In engineering school, you never learned how to navigate the corporate sphere, deal with unchecked egos or communicate your ideas effectively. Here, we can closely examine the barriers you’re up against, equipping you to walk away with the specific tools needed to overcome them.

And that doesn’t mean I’ll be teaching you how to be just another good employee; these are skills that all engineers need within established offices and as entrepreneurs. With my help, you can map out the direction you would like your career to take in the future.

Online career coaching is also completely confidential. Wouldn’t it be nice to bounce ideas off someone with a deep understanding of engineering companies and human psychology?