Engineer’s Journey Hikes on South Table Mountain

For over a year now, I have been leading “Engineer’s Journey” hikes for student groups at the Colorado School of Mines. Using elements from Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey framework, I discuss how to take charge of your Mines experience, instead of allowing it to take charge of you.

Hikes begin at the Sleeping Elk trail head at the agreed up time (often around sunrise). We make our way up using the more gentle Golden Summit Trail, making frequent stops as we discuss specific elements of hero’s journey framework as it applies to the challenges presented by the Colorado School of Mines (and life in general). At the summit (castle rock) I lead a guided meditation custom tailored to your specific group, and then we will return to the trail head via the Sleeping Elk trail. Overall, the experience should last approximately one hour.

If you represent a student group and would like to organize a hike for your group, please contact me at mike(dot)gathers(at)outlook(dot)com. Likewise, if you are not with a group, but would like to participate, simply reach out to me at the given email and I’ll let you know the next available hike – the hikes are open to all comers.